Whit Johnstone (mylifemyfaith) wrote in ucc_peeps,
Whit Johnstone

Discerning A Denominational Home

I am currently a member of a UCC church. I left the Methodist church because I knew that I am not straight, which makes it impossible for me to be ordained in the UMC. However, my preference for weekly communion and a clear ecclesiastical hierarchy are making me reconsider.

Is there anyone else who has had to discern which denomination they were being called to?

Edit: My number one possibility for an alternative home to the UCC is the Episcopal Church. I am also drawn to the ELCA.

Son of Edit: Likes and dislikes about the UCC

Things I like about the UCC
1. I am free to interpret the Bible however I like, guided but not limited by the historic creeds and confessions.
2. The Heidelberg Catechism
3. The Calvin Synod's vestments (capes are sexy) and habit of handing the chalice to the people as they take communion
4. Being openly gay and sexually active
5. Leslie Taylor
6. My friends at Zion UCC, who I would miss terribly
7. The UCC's commitment to ecumenism- the standoffishness of the UMC bothered me a great deal, and the Episcopalians are in some ways more standoffish
8. being able to adapt liturgies to each local church's context rather then using the same liturgy everywhere
9. The commitment to social justice, which is not just present but historic as well. See abolitionism, women's ordination, etc…
10. Being a member of an O and A church not 10 miles from the seminary
11. Continuing to attend MTSO

Things I dislike about the UCC
1. The lack of churches in Texas
2. Zwingalian attitudes toward communion, and toward beauty in worship
3. Extreme liberalism (may be my imagination plus slanders I've heard)
4. Not saying the creed or a statement of faith in worship at least once a month
5. congregational polity
6. not having standards of faith to rely on (a paradox, given my number one like, I know)

Final Edit: I'm staying in the UCC for the foreseeable future. Gos planted me at Zion UCC for a reason, and there I will stay. Thanks to everyone in this community who provided helpful comments. :D
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