Whit Johnstone (mylifemyfaith) wrote in ucc_peeps,
Whit Johnstone

The Hidelberg Chatechism

When I was having conversations with my pastor to prepare for joining the UCC, he mentioned several historic statements of faith that informed but did not direct the life of the UCC and its values today.

Chief among these testimonies for the life of Zion UCC, a former Reformed and then an Evangelical and Reformed Church was the Heidelberg Catechism. Having ordered the new Pilgrim Press edition of the HC from Amazon.com, I find that it speaks clearly and beautifully about the sovereignty and love of God throughout the ages. It is in this sense of roots, back to the Reformation and beyond, that I find the most appealing difference between the UCC and the UMC.

What does the rest of this community think about the Heidelberg Catechism and the Reformation and pre-reformation roots of the UCC?
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