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Shilly Shally Dilly Dally

The connection we make

I've recently begun going to church again after some household changes. Part of the household change puts me a bus ride from 2 different UCC congregations.  Its easy to go to either, and they are very different congregations. So I find myself in a delima and would love some feedback

Church 1
This is the one I am officially member of. It  was a block from my old house. It is a very small congregation, at any service I'll find maybe 15-30 people total. This is an aging population as well, with the majority of the group in the retirement age range. There are a handful of younger families. The weekly service is the main congregational activity. I've heard tell of a women's group, but never been invited, the impression I've gotten is t that it is during the weekday (a time that work/school really dont allow me to attend )

But there is a great connection. With only 30 people at church on a regular basis you are recongized and welcomed. You notice who is there and who is not. Upon my return I've gotten lots of welcome and some concerned  question, but again, there is a real connection.

Church 2
Church 2 is now  a bus ride away versus 2 buses. It is much larger. I would estimate that there are about 150 or so people at service each week. This is a vibrant group with people of all ages represented. There is enough of a congregation that they are able to support other activities. (a LGBTQ group, A parents group, choirs, a Taize service) I look at the congregation and see people who look like me.  This church also very much reminds me of the church from my youth. 

So far, I've been anonymous there . I've visited a couple of times, but find that I've not made a personal connection at all. I come and go and well, dont find that there is a convienent way to say "Hey I'm new". It's intimidating.

See the problem?  I  feel like I have a responsibility to the community at Church 1. And I do. On the other hand I  feel much more of a draw to Church 2. I want  there to be options of  womens groups, parent groups, LGBTQ groups.  But I want the connection the first church offers as well. I also know with an aging population church 1 needs the people support.  It's just a hard place to be in. So far I've decided that I'll attend each every other week and see where it goes from there. Any advice?
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